You Are The Mission.

LRM_EXPORT_20180105_155039Everyone at some point in their life has stood in front of the mirror and said “How much more alive I would feel if I had a better body than the one I have now”. Heck, even I did! You stand there every morning hoping that just one day, you can actually wake up feeling more energised, productive, fitter, stronger and more confident than ever before. The great thing is, everyone can! It doesn’t matter who you are, if you really want it badly enough and with the right guidance and knowledge at your fingertips, you no longer have to just dream of it, you can really make it happen! However, as with any goal, it will be a journey to achieve it and unless you can successfully make that journey, that goal will always just remain just that – a dream, not reality. Many coaches have failed to get you through this journey and as such you have never had the chance to fully realise your potential. So, this is where Weightlifting Without Limits takes over and comes to your rescue.

The mission of Weightlifting Without Limits is simple: It is YOU. Weightlifting Without Limits is here to help you get the body you desire, without failure, setbacks or disappointment. Here, your goals are made a reality. There is no such thing as failure. Unlike many other coaching services, Weightlifting Without Limits does not believe in magic tricks, shortcuts, miracle diets, copy and paste training programs, fancy marketing tactics or, a pretended re-invention of the wheel in an attempt to draw you in and give you a false sense of hope. Weightlifting Without Limits strives beyond all of this. Weightlifting Without Limits is serious about your success and that means utilising only the best of what science has to offer in the field of training and sports nutrition. Your success will be achieved through the use of scientifically-backed training and nutrition principles that have proved time after time to be effective. Why does Weightlifting Without Limits take this approach? Simply because there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve when you have access to the best information, and it is implemented correctly.


Weightlifting Without Limits will give you the knowledge you need to achieve the body you want. But, you will also be taught how to use that knowledge so that over the long-term you will always have complete control over your training and nutrition goals. With many coaching services, you simply pay, get a plan and that is it, you are now on your own. Well, Weightlifting Without Limits feels that you should also be taught about the what, why and how of the information and plans you are given. At Weightlifting Without Limits, it is about going the extra mile for you that others don’t, because that extra mile is the difference between the body you have now or the body you could have tomorrow.

When you have access to the right knowledge and the guidance on how to best use that knowledge, there is nothing you cannot achieve. 

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