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Weightlifting Without Limits

No Setbacks, Only Progress

But I Don’t Want To Become A Bodybuilder Or Powerlifter!

When it comes to new peeps in the gym, one of the first things that I hear often is “but I don’t want to become a powerlifter or bodybuilder!” In other words, a lot of new people to the gym world have the ambition to get stronger, build muscle, lose fat and improve their body composition, but they have fears that if they do, they will end up looking like a freaky ripped bodybuilder, a gigantic powerlifter or, a bit of both! This is understandable! After all, this is not really what most are aiming for.

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The Building Block Of All Progress: Getting Stronger


Basics, Basics, And More Basics

Some of you might be reading the title of this blog article and thinking: this again! Doesn’t this guy ever come up with anything ground breaking, new or, completely different? I mean, everyone always talks about: getting stronger being the absolute building block of progress in the gym. Well, that is definitely true, and I will admit, the topic has been done to death in some form or another.

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Food Trends: Different Ways Of Approaching Your Nutrition, But Still The Same Fundamentals


Flexible Eating

When it comes to nutrition, I am pretty easy about it. My philosophy is simply: get in everything and keep your daily calories in track (depending on your goals). When I mean everything, I don’t just mean the good stuff, but also, the stuff you enjoy. The stuff that keeps you, well, you know, sane, happy and sociable!

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Be Knowledgeable About Your Training Program


Having A Plan Is Good, Knowing Your Plan, Is Better

Ok, so everyone has a training plan. After all, you need to know what you are going to be doing if you want to get the results possible. A training plan lets you know what exercises you are going to do, the volume and intensity you will be working at, how often you will be training and, the order of your training.

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Mind, Stress And Performance


Are You Ready To Train Today?

Once you get into weightlifting, you become addicted to it. Once your body starts changing and you become fitter, leaner, stronger and more powerful, you feel on top of the world. Everything seems possible. You are happy, relaxed, feel good about yourself and everything is falling into place.

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Weightlifting Without Limits Top Tips For Long-Term Size And Strength Success


Keeping To The Rock Solid Fundamentals

The one thing that hits many people during their size and strength journey is information overload. Most of us have experienced and it can be a real headache! With so much information attacking you from all directions, it can be difficult to separate the optimal from suboptimal. As a result, people find themselves going around in circles, trying all sorts of methods, wasting lots time, energy and money and ultimately, ending back up in the same place they started. We all go through this experience. I have too!

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Developing Weak Chains: Why Exercise Selection Is So Important


Nobody Is Perfect

As you all know, making size and strength gains over the long-term means getting stronger. If you get stronger, do more work and can recover sufficiently from this work, then you are going to see awesome progress in your strength development. It’s a sure thing! Getting stronger means two things: lifting more weight and being able to handle more sets/reps for a given weight. Overtime, both of these qualities will need to increase if you’re looking for long-term weightlifting success.

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