Weightlifting Fundamentals

Well, I decided to do it! Start my own weightlifting blog. It took some time, but I finally got round to sitting down and just writing it. Feels good. Now the important question everyone is probably wondering, what is my blog going to be about? Another fitness blog, don’t we have enough of them already? Let me allow you a few guesses. 

Another 6-week program to six-pack abs? Nope! Right then, it must be a blog over the next revolutionary diet? Nope, we already have enough of those. Ok, let me have one more guess. I’ve got this! A blog about the perfect training regime that works for everybody! Well…. Nope! You’re all out of guesses. You really want to know? Ok then; enough guessing, let’s get down to the serious business of this blog.

Education fuels progress

Firstly, this is going to be a weightlifting blog! After all, what else would I write about? I mean, it is my life. It’s what I do, it’s what I know and, I would like to think I am pretty good at it! So I figured, let’s share my ideas and beliefs, and write a blog about weightlifting! The weightlifting blog I have in mind serves one important goal. That is, to help you to reach your weightlifting goals. I know, sounds pretty cliché. But hang in there with me. The idea around my blog is simple. I want this weightlifting blog to educate and inspire, NOT dictate. As an avid weightlifter, I feel it’s now time to share what I have (so far) learnt, observed and experienced. Why?

I want to help you, become more educated, informed and equipped with the correct weightlifting knowledge, to be able to seek out and reach your long-term size and strength goals.

•So, what exactly do I mean by all this?

•What is the blog’s goal?

•Why do I find it important to add this blog to the never-ending list of fitness blogs out there?

To help answer these questions, let me tell you what I have seen happening in the fitness industry. Nowadays, fitness in general, is all about people selling you workout programs, empty promises, as well as overpriced fads and gimmicks. With a sprinkle of fancy marketing on the side, you have the perfect way of setting people up for eventual failure and frustration. Ouch! That sounds a little harsh and extreme, don’t you think? Absolutely, but it’s a fundamental problem at the heart of the fitness industry today. I think, most of the time, the fitness industry is focused on telling people what they should do, how they should train and whom they should follow, rather than providing them with the most fundamental weightlifting knowledge needed to succeed. As a result, I believe this makes people prey to these fitness-marketing tactics. This leads to nothing more than frustration, the failure to achieve your weightlifting goals and desperation.

What ultimately happens is that people are driven to search for, and spend money on new fitness fads, tricks and gimmicks. Behold! Welcome then to the continuous cycle of setbacks, frustration and disappointment. Since I observe this daily among recreational weightlifters, I felt it was time for a blog to break this cycle. How?

By providing recreational weightlifters with the information they need. Information that will enable them to have increased control of their weightlifting goals, and, to be in a better position to judge what is effective, what is not and what simply, is just marketing.

Weightlifting fundamentals lie at the core of my blog

With my blog, I go straight to the fundamentals of weightlifting. Yes, I am aware that fundamentals are boring, the word sounds too complicated and it doesn’t make for great sales tactics. I am also aware that people have tried a lot of things out there (workout plans, schemes, training systems etc., etc.). Most are short-term and ONLY work short-term because they are usually not backed by any real fundamental information (only by fancy words and promises).

My weightlifting blog has not come to existence to promise you more magic bullets, give you false hopes, say particular things or make extravagant claims because I want to impress you and draw you in. No, I go straight to the fundamentals because they are the ONLY sure-fire way at giving you complete control and certainty over the ability to meet your long-term weightlifting goals. I want to ensure that you can walk into that gym and be that person who has the confidence to know WHAT they are doing and WHY. It’s important to remember as you read my blog, that there are no right or wrong ways in weightlifting and certainly no shortcuts. Only optimal and sub-optimal ways. Knowing them will already put you 10-steps ahead in the weightlifting game.

I don’t pretend to be the only fitness blogger in the world doing this. There are definitely a couple of fitness bloggers out there focusing on broad-based blogs enriched with layers upon layers of scientific knowledge. Absolutely nothing wrong with these. In-fact, if you were someone who likes to learn a lot of scientific fitness stuff (or even studying something fitness-related and need some extra background information), then I would definitely check these out (I have myself!). You can never learn too much. Not only in fitness, but also in all aspects of life, we are constantly learning. But on the flip side, too much information can hide out the most crucial, fundamental facts. This occurs also in fitness and unfortunately, too much too often! Therefore, when it comes to my weightlifting blog, I have a very specific purpose in mind.

I really want to focus on the core weightlifting ideas and concepts that really matter, which are too often overlooked or forgotten. Understanding and applying these can make a world of difference for natural recreational weightlifters.

In this blog, I intend to re-introduce these concepts in a way that is easy to understand, without diving into overly scientific discussions making you feel like you’re studying for a university degree. If you, like myself, invest a lot of time, energy and effort into your weightlifting endeavours  these concepts and ideas will help you to ensure that you can achieve everything you want from weightlifting. My blog is here to help and guide you every step of that way.


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