Don’t Always Follow The Trends


If You Fall Into The Trap, Make Sure You Can Climb Back Out

It’s time for a breather! Let’s step away for a minute from all the weightlifting fundamental stuff and look at something, well, less theoretical. Probably also easier on the head! Something I like to call ‘catching fitness trends’. Sounds rather weird, don’t you think? At first sight, yes! But, the whole idea, I think, plays a really important role in determining how successful you will be in achieving your weightlifting goals.

Some Trends Will Always Foster Winners and Losers

Trends in fitness are a big thing. Well, maybe I am being slightly modest here. In fitness, some trends are a REALLY big thing! In fact, they are so big; they pretty much act as the driving force in every corner of the industry. Can’t be a bad thing, can it? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

Trends can always give rise to winners and losers. For instance, if you are on the seller side of things (e.g. selling supplements, diets, workouts and services) then, chances are, new trends will score you the big bucks, you’re a winner!

Why? Trends pull you in! They are cool, hip, sound like nothing ever done before. What’s not to like? Well, consider the other side of the coin, where there is you and I. Normal people who are just looking to meet their weightlifting goals (or any fitness goals). Now, no one ever said getting bigger and stronger was easy. It takes time, effort and dedication. More importantly, it requires continuous learning. Learning about the basics of training and nutrition and how to apply them. You do that, and you’re already on your way! But sometimes, that’s not enough. If there is an easier way of doing something, you can be sure, that people are going to do it.

This is where the luring power of the latest trends comes into play. Maybe a new a book has come out. It’s about the latest diet. It has a cool name, has a catchy introduction and promises the latest shortcuts to success. Or, perhaps there is a new supplement that has been released, promising a ridiculous rapid increase in size and strength in a matter of weeks. You never know, maybe someone has invented a new way of working out. Promising the same results, but in a shorter and easier way. No sweat or energy invested required. Wow, so much out there, I better hop on these trends! I don’t want to miss my chance! They all sound so good!

Us Weightlifters End Up Being The Losers

So, we go back to the beginning. The whole ‘catching fitness trends’ becomes much clearer. If there is a quicker, easier, cooler way of doing something, chances are, you don’t want to miss out.

This all happens so much in the fitness industry. So much infact, that we end up being the losers.

Sounds harsh, but it’s sadly very true! If something is too easy, too good to be true or promises unrealistic results, the chances are, we will end up losing something in return for that, down the road. Probably something that could have been very valuable to us as weightlifters!

Money: buying expensive, heavily marketed supplements rather than quality nutritious foods.

Time: That could have been spent sticking to and utilizing what we know best (the fundamentals).

Energy that you could have used to set new records in the gym.

Motivation: A trend that promised so much ends up delivering almost nothing.

Yes, I can see why you would at this point, become disillusioned with the whole weightlifting thing!

So as you can see, by playing ‘catch the trends’, you are probably risking more, than what you are expecting to gain. Risking everything of value to your pursuit in achieving your size and strength goals, and gaining nothing but eventual frustration and setbacks.

Focus Your Efforts Where It Matters Most

During my blog I have emphasized nothing but fundamentals. That is because fundamentals are your keys to the weightlifting kingdom. Although I do admit, the fundamentals don’t sound as cool or hip as some of these fitness trends, they won’t let you down as far as long-term size and strength gains go. Simply put, they work! Yes, you will need to invest time, effort and dedication in order to achieve your goals. After all, anything worth doing is worth the time and energy!

But unlike some of these fitness trends, fundamentals will only give you positive and sustainable results. Even though you might be tempted from time to time by the latest fitness trends, it’s good to first ask yourself, are the shortcuts worth it? Given that there is no such thing as a free lunch, some of these fitness trends are likely going to end up costing you something (time, money, motivation etc.).

Not All Trends Are Bad

This blog might come across overly negative and bashful. Honestly, that is not my intention. But, I do feel that it’s important to shine some light on this area. After all, the fitness industry is big and you are probably constantly bombarded with the latest everything! My job is only to make sure that you are aware of what some of these trends can do and promise, as well as the potential consequences. However, not all this is negative! Trends can act in a positive way.

Here, I am thinking about trends that are based around providing motivation, rather than offering promises. Look at YouTube: Many recreational weightlifters want to get stronger. So they show us their progression over a period of time. Other people start doing the same thing, and before you know it, hundreds are doing it!

Although it might not be the coolest thing, it sure does provide a huge burst of motivation to want to also get into the gym and lift some weight. From such a trend, you lose absolutely nothing, instead, you gain an abundance of motivation. And that motivation will push you further towards achieving your weightlifting goals.

All in all, if you are looking for the next trend, my advice is, to look to those trends that motivate you.

Trends that promise you shortcuts, quick and easy results or diverge away from the basic, proven principles of training and nutrition, the chances are, you will end up disappointed with the results down the road. Remember, the best things are worth waiting for! In weightlifting, it’s no different.

If you have any questions about the article or would like to discuss further some of the topics mentioned, then please feel free to leave comments down below. Have you ever fallen into these trend traps? 


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