Being Strong Matters


Higher Quality In All Aspects Of Life

Some of you are probably wondering why I am always talking about getting stronger? Why is it, that I am so eager to make sure you guys get as strong as humanly possible? Why is it not enough for you to just simply go to the gym and lift some weights?

If you have been keeping up with my blog articles, you will have now realized that my main focus lies on teaching you to be able to lift more weight, and as much weight as possible over time. Pretty much everything I talk about is with one goal in mind: to make sure you guys get stronger consistently over time. This is all with one very good reason: strength allows you to do those things you want to do, without hindrance, setback or fear of failing. Without it, life can quickly become limited.

If you ask me, I believe one of the most important things we as humans have is our strength (not only physical, but also mental). Without strength, we quickly become inhibited in many aspects of life. The fact is, it doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, or who you are, you will always find yourself within an environment that demands a certain degree of strength. Whatever environment you find yourself in, you will always need to display a certain level of speed, power, agility, coordination, balance, physical and mental toughness and, the ability to shield yourself from injury. All these qualities are developed when you increase your strength. The more you develop these qualities, the better you will become at dealing with any environment you face yourself in.

But I Am Already Strong Enough!

One of the things that I will always tell people is that: you can never be strong enough. There is always room to develop LOTS more strength. Believe or not, our bodies have the capacity for huge amounts of change and development. Yes, it might take a lot of work, time and effort to see this, but over the long-term, our bodies are capable of so much more than what most of us believe. What’s more is that most of us will never in our lifetime actually utilize or experience our true maximal strength potential. Of course there is a limit! We are not superhuman.

But, most of us will always be far from it. There is a very good reason why our capacity for strength development is so high: environments can present us with an almost infinite number of obstacles to overcome with different demands on strength capabilities. Having the necessary strength at the ready will ensure that you can always perform at your best and, you reduce your chances of becoming injured because you were least prepared.



  • A few pictures of my training sessions – Weightlifting is a powerful tool to build strength in my entire body that will improve my performance in many daily activities.

But Do I Need Weightlifting Do Get Stronger?

Many people might argue that weightlifting is not needed to gain strength. Doing the shopping, gardening, walking on the street, manual labor work, yoga, cycling, jogging etc. Yes, these activities involve physical activity, get you moving, get the blood pumping and might make you sore. But, just because your body is working, does not mean it’s getting stronger. Frequently I hear things like: cycling is great for strengthening the legs, or, swimming is great for strengthening the chest and back. But that is the thing; you are not actually getting stronger from them. What is actually happening is the muscles of your body are simply adjusting to the type of exercise that you are performing. But this adjustment does not mean you are getting stronger.

Why? The load that your muscles work against doesn’t increase over time. Yes, you might be improving your stamina and cardiovascular fitness, but if your muscles are not constantly made to overcome an increasing load over time, you won’t get stronger.

Another great relatable benefit of weightlifting is the practice of natural human movement patterns: deadlift, squats, bench: they all represent natural day-to-day movements that you do without even thinking about it. Everyday, we are picking things up from the ground, pushing things away as well sitting and standing up. All of them require a degree of strength to carry them out efficiently and safely. As you get older, building up strength can help ensure that you can stay carrying out these most basic movements.

When it comes to weightlifting, not only will you be developing strength, you will also be developing strength in movements that mimic everyday life activities. This is great for you because regardless of the activity you do (whether its common or new to you), the increased strength developed through your weightlifting, will ensure that you not only perform at your best for longer on these activities, but you also stay injury free. Even if you don’t feel now that you need the extra strength development in your life, there will always come a time (especially when you get older or decide to participate in new activities – e.g. competitive sports) when having a good level of strength can mean the difference between progress, or setback.



  • A few pictures of my weight training sessions – Again, using a range of movements to develop posterior chain strength that will aid in enhanced performance in everyday activities.

Don’t Pass Up Weightlifting

A lot of people regularly say they don’t engage in weightlifting because it’s not part of their goals. Ok, not everyone is interested in becoming a full-blown weightlifter, wants to become a mass monster or, wants to be in the gym constantly lifting iron. But here’s the thing, whatever your goals are, you will still need a good level of strength to carry them out efficiently, safely and pain-free. It just so happens that weightlifting is the best method to accommodate this due to its ability to produce a constant overload effect on exercises that mimic everyday movement patterns.

Even if your goals are set on participating in competitive sports, or you just want to jogg a few evenings a week or, just make sure you can get off a chair pain free, the extra strength developed will allow you to perform these at the best of your ability. Although weightlifting tends to be associated as: just another hobby like football or basketball. The fact is it ’s so much more than that. Not only is it just another hobby, it’s an important tool that can enhance everyone’s life, at any stage, in anything they do. Why? Strength makes everything easier.

If you have any questions about the article or would like to discuss further some of the topics mentioned, then please feel free to leave comments down below!


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