Unconventional Training: Why Follow The Crowd?

Be Different

If you have been keeping up with my blog articles over the past few months you will notice that I am pretty unconventional in the way I approach weightlifting. Everything from training programming to exercise selection, to even nutrition, I talk about things that really are, well, not common.

I mean, that is really what the word unconventional means in the weightlifting world: uncommon, things that are not generally done, seen or even accepted. It really is anything that causes people to stand and look at you and scratch their heads thinking: what the heck?

I am going to be honest with you, when it comes to getting you long-term gains; I am a firm believer in the unconventional. In fact, I believe so strongly in it, I will never go back to the conventional ways of thinking. I have tried it and it just does not work long-term for us natural recreational lifters. You can fight me on it if you like, but I can guarantee you, you will come back later and say to me: you are right, I just can’t seem to achieve consistent progress over the long-term. It does happen a lot! In my experience, the unconventional way is the only way to allow you to get results you want in the long-term. I mean let’s be honest, we have all tried conventional and it just doesn’t work. Yes, people achieve some results, but they always reach a point where they can’t seem to consistently move forward. Most of the time, they end up going backwards! The general pattern is: one step forward, two steps backwards. What is the net result? No consistent progress!

Conventional 1.png

Conventional Vs. Unconventional

Ever wondered why there is so much contradictory information out there? You search for ‘results’ and ‘weightlifting’ in Google and you get overwhelmed with a sea of information? Not sure which information reliable and un-reliable is. Well, simple: conventional always fails people in the long-term. When something fails, new information needs to arise in order to help people reignite their progress.

It’s not a surprise that you see all these training methods, programs, promises, diets, personal coaches with their own ‘secret formula’ etc. etc. pop up constantly in the next muscle magazine. This is why the entire industry is loaded with too much information: what’s out there now does not enable you to make consistent progress. As a result, new information needs to be readily available to take its place when it fails. This is why people will never make long-term results with the conventional way: the information is just not designed to give you continuous results.

“People will never make long-term results with the conventional way”.

When I talk about conventional I pretty much mean anything that’s mainstream: the obsession with bodybuilding-type split routines, programs (and trainers themselves!) that ‘promise’ you results in 6 weeks, crazy diets, so-called miracle food trends that promise awesome fat loss and muscle gain, anything that comes out of next months muscle magazine, too much isolation work and functional training and not enough focus on compound movements and, no form of progressive overload etc. etc. Honestly, I could go on and on but I don’t want this article to become too long! If you are honest with yourself, you will agree there is a lot of this out there.

All of this stuff pretty much governs the way people and their coach’s approach training these days. It’s just a shame that all of this stuff has absolutely nothing to do with guaranteeing you consistent progress in the long-term! Yes, this stuff might prove appealing to many people and if you are good with words you can spin it convincingly. I mean it’s obvious that people have succeeded in that otherwise there would be no industry. But, because all of this stuff actually neglects the very principles that govern long-term progress, it’s always going to fail in the long-term. No matter how appealing you make it all sound!

“When I talk about conventional I pretty much mean anything that’s mainstream”.

One of the things I find interesting about the unconventional stuff is that it’s actually not that unconventional. Surprisingly enough, most of it actually formed the basis for weightlifting progress itself. The only reason I call this stuff unconventional is because it’s now unheard have and completely foreign to people and their trainers. But, this is simply because it’s been overshadowed by all of this populist current day stuff. The reason why unconventional training works faultless for your long-term size and strength goals is because it actually takes into account fundamental biological occurrences such as the biological law of accommodation and supercompensation. No, these are not just theories with a cool name; they are real!

As I have talked about extensively in my other blog articles, if you can regulate these processes optimally, then you can provide the right conditions to promote continuous progressive overload. This is the driver for all your size and strength development. When you look at this, you can really see why full body workouts and conjugate undulating periodization are my tools for your weightlifting success. They simply do the best job at promoting consistent long-term gains. Not to mention, none of it is actually that difficult to implement!

Unconventional 2.png

It’s A Simple Route To Success: No More Fitness Populism

Most people these days find themselves overwhelmed with all this fitness information. I can’t blame you! Sometimes when I am doing some Internet surfing I am amazed at the breath of information out there. But, I am even more surprised at how much most of this actually has nothing to do with promoting long-term results. Although I might seem unconventional in the way I approach weightlifting, there really is nothing unconventional about it. I simply use those principles that best optimize human biology in our favor for size and strength gains. There is no reinvention of the wheel, attempt to make things more difficult or sound more intelligent. It’s simply just bringing back the stuff that has always been around, but has just been forgotten. But it works!

“It’s simply just bringing back the stuff that has always been around”.

Some people might say: but I have gotten results from what I have been doing! So it must be good, right? While that might be true (temporarily), what about in a year or two? Surely you have your sights set on progress for longer than a few months? If you follow the conventional approach then the chances are you will stall long before that or, you will find yourself constantly switching between different things (programs, trainers, methods etc.), getting constantly confused and, asking all sorts of questions without ever getting an answer. In the end, you end up no further forward.

The conventional route really does make things hard and confusing for everyone wanting to make long-term progress. Although you might look at my unconventional approach and think: meh, too difficult. There really isn’t anything difficult about it! In fact, once you know how to implement it, you never need to keep hopping between different methods and programs or spend time trying to research why you are not making progress.

Why? The unconventional way ensures that you are constantly making progress and that your training is tuned to the biological processes that lead to consistent development in size and strength. It’s just that great.

If you ask me, if we want long-term gains it’s about time that we start to see the current unconventional, as the new conventional standard for enabling progress.

If you have any questions about the article or would like to discuss further some of the topics mentioned, then please feel free to leave comments down below! 


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