Weightlifting Without Limits: Podcast 1




2 thoughts on “Weightlifting Without Limits: Podcast 1

  1. What are your thoughts on a basic strength and muscle program before weightlifting?I went to a local olympic weightlifting gym but they suggested a hypertophy program first (https://physiqz.com/powerlifting-programs/hypertrophy-mass-routine/) but i wanted to start practicing now on olympic lifts. Thoughts?


    1. I agree that a hypertrophy-based program would be good to begin with. The reason behind this is simply because having a larger base of muscle will increase strength and power output capacity. Simply put: strength is an expression of the neuromuscular capacity of a given quantity of muscle. So, the more muscle you have, the greater the neuromuscular capacity you have and if you can utilise this efficiently, you can express a greater level of strength and power output. Starting with a hypertrophy-based program will allow you to develop the given muscle mass first. You can then move later on to a strength-based program centered around the olympic lifts to improve the neuromuscular efficiency of this newly created muscle mass. Hence, better performance on these lifts.


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