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LRM_EXPORT_20180109_125204At Weightlifting Without Limits, everyone has the chance to achieve their muscle building and fat loss goals. With Weightlifting Without Limits Coaching, not only are you given the fundamental training and nutritional tools needed to successfully achieve your goals, but also, continuous coaching support. That is, Weightlifting Without Limits guiding you every step of the way through your journey, ensuring that these training and nutrition tools are adhered to and implemented for you in the most optimal way. Every client with Weightlifting Without Limits is unique and matters. Every approach and plan implemented will be specifically tailored to the goals of the client, their backgrounds and life commitments, nutritional needs and, current levels of training experience.

LRM_EXPORT_20180106_003416.jpgAt Weightlifting Without Limits, no stone is left unturned and no secret is held back. Here, you are given every opportunity and chance to succeed. As long as you are prepared to work with Weightlifting Without Limits to the best of your ability, there will be nothing standing in the way of your goals. With Weightlifting Without Limits Coaching, no client will ever be left standing in the dark and no problem will be left unsolved. If you don’t have the answer, Weightlifting Without Limits will. With the Weightlifting Without Limits coaching service, clients will not only get access to the best training and nutrition information, they will also be coached on how to best to use that information so that over the long-term, they can achieve any training and nutrition goal they desire. The only thing you need to now decide, is how long you wish to be part of this unique coaching experience.


Weightlifting Without Limits 4-, 6- And 12-Week Coaching Package Features


Training Plan with Continuous Adjustments

Based on your goals, levels of training experience, history (injuries, health conditions) and general life commitments, Weightlifting Without Limits will implement a training plan that is based on scientifically-backed training principles. Throughout the coaching period, continuous adjustments to your training plan can be made to ensure your progress optimised to the highest level.

Nutrition Plan with Continuous Adjustments

Based on your goals, general life commitments, food preferences and any allergies, Weightlifting Without Limits will implement a range of measures to ensure your nutrition plan is optimised to your goals. This will include continuous calculation and readjustment of your macronutrient requirements, maintenance and daily calories, as well as flexible food choices.

Unlimited Contact Via Skype, WhatsApp, Mobile and Email

At Weightlifting Without Limits, client contact is a top priority. In order to ensure that you are always on the correct path to success and any potential problems are quickly solved, Weightlifting Without Limits puts no limit on the number of times you can get in touch if you have any questions or need some more help, for the duration of your chosen Package. Contact is possible via Skype, WhatsApp, Mobile or e-mail. Any time is the right time to go and achieve your goals!

Weekly Check-ins, with e-mail or video feedback  

As well as offering you unlimited contact, Weightlifting Without Limits also offers a weekly check in, with, depending on your preference, written or video feedback. For each coaching week, you will be asked to keep a log of your training and nutrition progress as well as to answer some questions regarding your training week. Weightlifting Without Limits will then send you personalised feedback in order to ensure your progress moves along at a steady pace.

Access to a Private Facebook Group with Other Members

Weightlifting Without Limits will offer a private Facebook group for clients. Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss training and nutrition with other members, ask questions and motivate each other! Weightlifting Without Limits is one of the first to offer this to clients and is very rarely found with other online coaching services.


Individual Training and Nutrition Plans

Weightlifting Without Limits is here for everyone and if long-term coaching is not part of your plan yet, but you still wish to have an optimal training and nutrition plan at the ready, then Weightlifting Without Limits offers a one-time plan option. Based on your goals, current training experience, background and history (any injuries, food allergies), Weightlifting Without Limits will immediately get to work on your tailored training and nutrition plan backed by proven scientific principles and everything needed to get you successfully to your goals.



Weightlifting Without Limits 4-Week Coaching Service: €150/$180

Weightlifting Without Limits 6-Week Coaching Service: €200/$240

Weightlifting Without Limits 12-Week Coaching Service: €350/$420

Individual Training And Nutrition Plan: €30/$40


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