Frequently Asked Questions

LRM_EXPORT_20180109_124742At Weightlifting Without Limits, everyone is accepted onto the coaching program. Many coaching services nowadays specify a required level of experience and knowledge in order for you to sign up. However, Weightlifting Without Limits believes that no one should be left behind and everyone should be given the chance to fulfill their true potential. That is why the Weightlifting Without Limits coaching service has been specially designed so that no matter how little or how much experience and knowledge you do have of training and nutrition, everyone here has the chance to achieve the body they want. With the unique knowledge and support system implemented by the Weightlifting Without Limits coaching service, not only will you make progress now, you will be making progress for many years to come. Weightlifting Without Limits breaks down barriers so that you can excel and everyone here is given that chance.


    1) What Is Expected From You?

  • You are willing to put in the work, time and effort and implement the approach Weightlifting Without Limits recommends, without modification.
  • You ask lots of questions, ask for lots of feedback and help and keep Weightlifting Without Limits regularly up to date with your progress.
  • You are consistent, truthful and accurate with the recording of your progress. This will ensure Weightlifting Without Limits can continously maintain the optimisation of your program.
  • If you cannot make your weekly-check in appointments, then please inform Weightlifting Without Limits at least 24 hours before that date so that another appointment can be swiftly made.
  • Don’t be shy or hold back! If something is not working out for you then Weightlifting Without Limits needs to know as soon as possible. Continuous feedback ensures you make continuous progress!

    2) Does It Matter Which Country I Reside In?

  • Absolutely not! Weightlifting Without Limits is a global coaching service and therefore proudly offers coaching to every country.

    3) What Is The Minimum Age To Sign Up?

  • In order to sign up for the Weightlifting Without Limits coaching service you must be at least 16 years of age. However, if you are younger than 16 and do wish to sign up for the coaching service, you must ensure you have parent or guardian permission (this will be asked for during the initial consultation).  

    4) What Is The Sign Up Process?

  • When you have decided which coaching service you would like to sign up for, you will then be taken to the official Weightlifting Without Limits sign up form page. Once you have filled in this form, Weightlifting Without Limits will then contact you within 24 hours by email to arrange a skype or facebook video chat consultation (whichever best suits you) at a date and time of your convenience.
  • The consultation will last approx. 30 minutes and will be used to discuss in depth the information you have provided in the sign up form, your goals, the plan of action to be implemented, the coaching process and, more about Weightlifting Without Limits itself.
  • The consultation will be free of charge. During the consultation, we will discuss what package would best suit your goals.
  • Everyone who signs up to the Weightlifing Without Limits coaching service must attend this consultation. The information obtained from the consultation will then allow Weightlifting Without Limits to design, tailor and optimise your coaching plan to be implemented.

    5) Why Is A Consultation Needed? 

  • Unlike most coaching services, Weightlifting Without Limits is not a ‘pay and goodbye service’. Building up a unique, trusting client-coach relationship plays a huge role at Weightlifting Without Limits. Without this, it is simply impossible to work effectively with each other.
  • A consultation will allow Weightlifting Without Limits to get to know more about you and for you to get to know more about Weightlifting Without Limits and the way things are done. Ultimately, it is your chance to see if there is a good fit between you and Weightlifting Without Limits.

     6) What Is The Method Of Payment?

  • Following the initial consulation, Weightlifting Without Limits offers two means of payment: PayPal or bank transfer. Once payment has been confirmed and received, Weightlifting Without Limits will contact you by email to arrange an official start date to begin your coaching.


Weightlifting Without Limits looks forward to working with you!


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