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Weightlifting Without Limits

No Setbacks, Only Progress

Rack Pulls Above The Knee Revisited: You Just Can’t Forget It


A Great Tool For The Job

As you all know by now, I am pretty unconventional in the way I approach weightlifting: everything from training programming to exercise selection. The way I do things is just completely different from the norm. If you have followed my blog then you know by now that I tend to do a lot of stuff that is not, let’s say, common gym practice.

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Flexibility, Calorie Tracking And Balance: A Never Ending Battle In The Field Of Nutrition.


No Limits

Why does nutrition need to be difficult? Let me tell you folks, it doesn’t have to be! In fact, nutrition can be one of the easiest things on the planet if people stop thinking so deeply about it. But this is where the problem lies: people worry too much these days about trying to find the perfect diet or nutrition plan that is going to give them bullet proof health and an awesome body.

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Being Strong Matters


Higher Quality In All Aspects Of Life

Some of you are probably wondering why I am always talking about getting stronger? Why is it, that I am so eager to make sure you guys get as strong as humanly possible? Why is it not enough for you to just simply go to the gym and lift some weights?

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The Smith Machine: The Curse Of Every Gym

Safety First

The smith machine is probably one of the most popular pieces of equipment people love to use in the gym. In fact, in most gyms, it’s never free. It’s always occupied. People love it! Not only is it easy to use, you can do a huge variety of exercises in it. The smith machine is pretty multifunctional and if you have an exercise in mind, I can guarantee you the smith machine will accommodate it.

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How Do You Progress In A Non-Linear Periodised Scheme?


So, How About That Progress

So in my blog I have talked quite a bit about different forms of periodization and why I am a firm believer in certain forms periodization for optimal long-term size and strength gains. But, the question you have all probably been asking for some time now is: how on earth do I actually make progress on a periodized scheme?

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Compensatory Acceleration Training: Fight Through Plateaus


The Dreaded Plateaus

We all hate that word: plateau. It’s a word that haunts every weightlifter and is always ready to strike. Why do we hate plateaus? Simply because they hinder our performance, pull us back and ruin all the hard work we have achieved. What’s worse is that plateaus keep coming, one after the other. You overcome one; another plateau is waiting just around the corner.

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