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Weightlifting Without Limits

No Setbacks, Only Progress

Fasted Cardio Or The Thermic Effect Of Food?


Loosing Excess Body Fat

Frequently, I come across people telling me that fasted cardio is absolutely awesome if you are trying to lose body fat. In fact, some people rave about it so much, it’s become like a religion for these people in how they manage their cardio (and for some coaches who insist that your cardio should be done in a fasted state).

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Split And Full Body Training Schemes: My Analysis And Thoughts


There Is No One Size Fits All

Do you find yourself eager to to build up more size and strength and constantly searching for that perfect training program? Are you constantly hopping between different programs in the hopes of finding that one program that will give you unlimited progress? Well, the reality is, there is no perfect training program. There are certainly programs out there that are more optimal than others for certain goals and depending on your training experience, but in terms of finding THE ONE, there just isn’t. In the world of training programs, there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL type of scheme.

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Should You Track Calories? A Case For Intuitive Eating?


Intuitive Eating

Losing body fat and gaining muscle and strength is all about calorie manipulation. If you want to loose body fat then you must take in fewer calories than your body consumes and if you want to develop more size and strength, then you must take in more calories than your body uses. Pretty standard stuff really! If you don’t manipulate this calories balance in your favour, then no matter how hard you try, foods you eat, genetics or the training program you undertake, you will never make progress. CALORIES IN/OUT is the number one principle you need to have locked in when it comes to losing fat and building size and strength.

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Frequency, Volume And Intensity


Managing All Three For Progressive Overload

If you are looking to develop more quality size and strength, then you need to ensure that you are PROGRESSIVELY OVERLOADING over time. In other words, you are doing MORE WORK (e.g. in terms of more sets, reps, weight), challenging your body more and more, and pushing it above it’s current limits. Essentially, you want to make sure you step outside your comfort zone EVERY TIME you step foot into the gym. This increased work load over time stimulates your body to go through ADAPTATION (getting stronger and bigger) so that your body is primed to cope effectively with this increased stress. Continue Reading

Approach Your Training With Structure


Structure Keeps Things Moving Optimally

Having structure to your training is pretty important to have. I mean, one of the worst things you can do is to walk into the gym and say ‘eeeeh, yeh, I think I will do that today’ or ‘yeh, let’s do that exercise instead’ without really having any logic behind the decisions you make regarding your training. Admittedly, there are days when your training plans might change at the last moment, you might switch a workout around for whatever reason, but you should always still have a plan of action at the ready.

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Nutrition: ‘Clean’ Food Vs. ‘Dirty’ Food


What Exactly Do We Mean By ‘Clean’ And ‘Dirty’ Food?

In the fitness world you will frequently come across the terms CLEAN EATING and DIRTY EATING. For those interested in building size and strength (commonly termed bulking), then you might come across the terms CLEAN BULKING and DIRTY BULKING.Ultimately, people like to make the distinction often between clean foods and dirty foods. This is ok, but what exactly does this all mean? Also, what has this distinction between clean and dirty foods have to do with achieving your fat loss and size and strength goals?

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High Volume Training

What Is Volume?

When it comes to weight training, volume is simply the total amount of work you do in a given session. This total amount of work is derived from a few things: the amount of weight you use on the bar, the number of repetitions you do and, the number of working sets of the exercise. 

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Training Programs Vs. Training Principles?


Which Should You Pay Closer Attention To?

For most people (especially beginners) having a training program of some sort is handy to have. It provides some structure from the get-go, gives you guidance on how to progress and can be tailored depending on the goal(s) you want. Essentially, a training program gives you everything (depending on the program) so that the groundwork has been done for you. 

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Trust The Process: It Will Work!


Patience Is YOUR Key In This World

One of the things that I frequently hear from people when they start a new training or nutrition program is ‘I am not seeing any changes yet, it doesn’t seem to be working! Time for a change in program?’. This is fairly common, particularly from people who are just stepping into the world of health and fitness for the first time and are eager to make positive changes to their body.

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