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Traditional Vs. Pyramid Sets For Hypertrophy: A New Study


Kick Starting The Hypertrophy Process

So in my last article I talked quite a bit about the roles of mechanical tension and metabolic stress development in muscular hypertrophy. Moreover, it was suggested that a minimum level of training intensity (~60-65% of 1RM) would likely be needed to generate a threshold level of mechanical tension required for the muscular hypertrophy process. Once this point is reached, then metabolic stress could act to have an additive effect which maximises the muscle growth response. In order to achieve optimal levels of mechanical tension as well as  metabolic stress, resistance training with moderate intensity loads with moderate repetition ranges (6-12) would likely be a sweet spot for maximum muscular hypertrophy. 

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The Way To Maximal Muscular Hypertrophy


Managing Your Training Volume And Intensity For Muscular Hypertrophy

When it comes to developing size and strength, volume and intensity are going to be the two key training ingredients you will need. It’s set in stone, you just can’t avoid them. The truth is, if you don’t manage your volume and intensity throughout your training journey, it’s going to become near impossible to build the size and strength you want. Now, it’s been firmly established that if you want maximal strength, then high-intensity training is the way to go. Simply put, as you throw more weight on the bar over time, the mechanical tension developed (basically the tension on a muscle as it is stretched), leads to increased muscular strength gains. Ok, that is the pretty easy part!

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Ketones And Exercise Performance: New Insights

Ketones To The Rescue

In desperate times, ketones come to the rescue. When carbohydrates are limited, glycogen stores deplete and the bodies levels of glucose begin to drop severely, there needs to be another source of energy at the ready. That rescue source of energy are ketones. When the body reaches an energy crisis, fatty acid mobilisation increases, combines with its good old friend Acetyl-CoA and boom, ketone bodies arise which can be utilised by the body for its energy needs. Although ketones are mostly seen as an emergency source of energy, there is now an emerging interest in the role of ketones in enhancing exercise performance. Now that seems like pretty interesting stuff!

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Ketones And Weight Loss


(Low Carbohydrate Diets) LC

In my last article I talked about some of the research around LC diets and their influence on weight loss. However, there was one aspect which I didn’t talk about and that was ketones. I am sure you have all heard the word ketones floating around in the fitness world and when it comes to LC diets and weight loss, ketones seem to be a pretty big deal. So, in this article I want to address what ketones actually are, how they are produced and where they fit into the whole weight loss picture. 

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Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diets (LCHF): Their Role In Weight Loss 


What Are These Diets?

LCHF diets are a big hit in the fitness world and lots of people of following them in order to trim the excess pounds away. In some cases, people following LCHF diets have said they work so much better for weightloss over traditional weight loss diets (by traditional I simply mean no significant manipulation of any one macronutrient). 

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How Can You Prevent Weight Regain After Weight Loss?

Weight loss Is Only Half The Battle

I am not going to lie, losing weight is a difficult task. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. Why? Simply because it requires lots of discipline and lots of changes you may never have had to make before. The truth is, if you are wanting to improve your body composition, strip away the excess pounds and show that hard earned muscle, then it’s going to be a necessary evil. There is no way around it. If you are trying to lose weight for the first time, then it’s going to bring quite a shock to your system as you adjust to new ways of thinking about and approaching your nutrition. It might sound all bad, but as you start to see the body you have always wanted in the mirror, trust me, the motivation pushes you through and the process becomes much, much easier. All it takes with fat loss is small changes in body composition to elicit big motivational drives.   Continue Reading

It’s Never Too Late To Benefit From Resistance Training


Resistance Trainings Hold So Many Benefits

The impression given by a lot of people nowadays is that resistance training is only meant for those looking to put on lots of serious muscle and gain lots of strength. Well, yes, it’s true that resistance training can and should be used as an optimal method by those looking to gain significant amounts of muscle and development high levels of strength, but, resistance training has a much more varied and multi-functional role than simply trying to turn those that want it, into serious weightlifters. 

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Linear Vs. Non-Linear Periodisation For Size And Strength


Optimal Recovery, Maximal Progression

Periodisation of training programs is something not often talked about on the gym floor. In fact, you will only really hear about periodisation online. Come to think of it, I have never actually heard the word ‘periodisation’ being used outside of the internet! This is a shame, because periodisation is such a great way of organising your training to maximise your long term development. I guess the problem is that when you type in periodisation into Google, you are bombarded with so much information, you literally have no idea how to decipher it all.

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